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Welcome to milt and joe – we are so glad that you’re here – welcome to our family

Who are we you ask - well settle in and let me ramble on a bit about us

milt and joe started 10 years ago in central victoria, from small and still humble beginnings

we began when online shopping wasn’t really a thing and getting all the labels that you had your eye on meant a trip to the big city, at the time we had 3 gorgeous little girls aged 3, 5 and 8 (still lovely but not so little anymore) so opening a bricks and mortar store and juggling them was a whole lot of tricky (still sort of is to be honest)

From the start we have been passionate about supporting small independent labels who produce either organic, ethically made, austalian designed or manufactured products for the little people in your life, as I used to be a designer and creator myself it was important to me to help provide an avenue for other creators to present themselves and their goods to a wider audience

We believe in a slower approach to children clothing, we still love things that are shiny and new, but where our items may cost a little more initially you will be rewarded by items that stand the test of time, ones that can be washed over and over again without fear of losing shape, ones that can be handed down and around to other members of the family or friends, ones that you will love and be loved by your little peeps.

The toys we choose to sell are all suited to big time play, they are sturdy as well as being fun and beautiful, they are ones that last the test of time and become family classics and even at times family heirlooms to be kept and fondly treasured in time to come

We know that the labels we sell have a social conscious - where they care about the manufacturing conditions and those working in them, they care about their fabrics and how they are produced, they collaborate with local artists and designer and support one another in a sometime harsh environment.

milt and joe is just us chipping away from day to day, discovering new labels and old to share with you and helping you - our local and far away friends - to find what they are looking for.

Thank you for supporting us – it truly means the world as we couldn’t do it without you

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